Harlan's World

Harlan’s World was settled by a Japanese keiretsu using East European labour. (Glimmer VI) The Harlan’s World ethnic mix is primarily Slavic and Japanese, although you can get any variant tank-grown at a price

Harlans World is the only habitable worked in the glimmer system – 3 moons – orbitals – angel fire – 0.8g – Founded by Konrad Harlan

Harlan’s World is small for a habitable planet and its seas, that cover 90% of the planet, slop about unpredictably under the influence of three moons

Nine’s a sacred number in the Harlanite pantheon.

On Harlan’s World erasure had been abolished approx 50 years ago.

On Harlan’s World the yakuza have been known to perform viral execution on machines judged to have betrayed them.

There was more landmass contained in the Millsport Archipelago than either Kossuth or New Hokkaido, but as with most of the island groups that made up the bulk of Harlan’s World’s available real estate, a lot of it was hard-to-use, mountainous terrain.


  • Weather
    three moons and 0.8G home gravity make for some seriously tumbled weather systems and storms have been known to do some very odd things. When a Harlan’s World hurricane gets into its stride there’s really very little you can do but get well out of the way and stay there.

Places of Interest
New Kanagawa
New Hokkaido (New Hok)
Kanagawa Storage Facility

Mirrorwood – On the World mirrorwood grows in forests on three continents, and practically every canal dive in Millsport has a bar top carved out of the stuff.

During the period on Harlan’s World known, with typical grim humour, as the Unsettlement, guerrillas in the Quellist Black Brigades were surgically implanted with a quarter-kilo of enzyme-triggered explosive that would, on demand, turn the surrounding fifty square metres and anything in it to ash.

It was a tactic that met with questionable success. The enzyme in question was fury-related and the conditioning required for arming the device was patchy. There were a number of involuntary detonations. Still, no one ever volunteered to interrogate a member of the Black Brigades. Not after the first one, anyway.

Her name was Iphigenia Deme, Iffy to those of her friends that had not yet been slaughtered by Protectorate forces. Her last words, strapped to the interrogation table downstairs at Number Eighteen, Shimatsu Boulevard, are reputed to have been: That’s fucking enough!
The explosion brought the entire building down.

On Harlan’s World, I’d been inside a couple of the original Konrad Harlan fleet, and even the decks had been cannibalised, carved back to multilevelled ridges of metal clinging to the inner curve of the hull. Only the hulls themselves were ever left intact, out of some bizarre quasi-reverence of the kind that in earlier ages got successive generations to give up their lives to build cathedrals.

Harlan's World

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