The Envoy Corps

The Envoy Corps is the most feared fighting force in the galaxy. They created to be near superhuman elite soldiers by the Protectorate so that it could maintain control over systems many light years away. It would be virtually impossible to send traditional military might to these systems at below lightspeed, but by using digital storage and the Martian needlecast technology, a small but powerful combat force could be sent almost immediately to ready-prepared sleeves.

As these fighters would generally not be despatched until a settlement had effectively mutinied against UN control, they’d generally find themselves needing to overthrow an entire regime and install a UN puppet government in its place. This calls for ultra-high levels of combat skill, training, and teamwork. It also means that Envoys are feared throughout the galaxy, with most systems passing laws to prevent former Corps members holding positions of power or responsibility.

Quote from a Envoy

You can digitise and freight the minds of a crack combat team … You can even decant your crack d.h.f soldiers directly into sleeves with combat conditioning, jacked-up nervous systems and steroid built bodies. Then what do you do?

They’re in bodies they don’t know, on a world they don’t know … Shit, even the gravity is different. They know nothing, and even if you download them with implanted local knowledge, it’s a massive amount of information to assimilate at a time when they’re likely to be fighting for their lives within hours of sleeving.

That’s where you get the Envoy Corps.

Neurachem conditioning, cyborg interfaces, augmentation — all this stuff is physical. Most of it doesn’t even touch the pure mind, and it’s the pure mind that gets freighted. That’s where the Corps started. They took psychospiritual techniques that oriental cultures on Earth had known about for millennia and distilled them into a training system so complete that on most worlds graduates of it were instantly forbidden by law to hold any political or military office.

Not soldiers, no. Not exactly.

The Envoy Corps

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