Placed is a setting that takes heavily on the writings of William Gibson and Richard Morgan, Virtual Carbon is not your normal Cyberpunk campaign. Running with a heavily modified campaign setting and taking the best bits from other cyberpunk style games such as shadowrun. You play edgerunners, called that because you live your life on a knifes edge. Money comes from the barrel of a gun, the parties are hard, the work is harder, life is cheap, and drugs are cheaper. Plug in, load up, and hack in.

In the 23rd century, it’s difficult to die a final death. Humans are issued a cortical stack, implanted into their bodies, into which consciousness is “digitized” and from which-unless the stack is hopelessly damaged-their consciousness can be downloaded (“resleeved”) with its memory intact, into a new body.

Following a vast socio-economical collapse and a period of martial law, the United States government has had to rely on several megacorporation’s to survive. This has given them a veritable carte blanche to operate, as they will. After which the megacorporation’s oust the world’s governments of any real power and setup what is now known as the “UN Protectorate” were the controlling body is the council of AAA level megacorps.

Computer cowboys cruising the information superhighway—jacking his consciousness into cyberspace, soaring through tactile lattices of data and logic, rustling encoded secrets for anyone with the money to buy their skills.

As time goes by the first Martian colony is discovered under the surface of Mars. The so-called “ Martians” are in fact a alien race with semi bird like origins. Little is actually know about the Martians but humanity made several large leaps of technology thanks so the discovery of their colony. First being Needle-Casting, the ability to transmit massive amounts of information instantly over any given amount of space, and the second being a star map of livable worlds throughout the star that are suitable to human living. When no signs that any of the Martians are around anymore it takes the human race very little time to send out colony ships.


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Virtual Carbon

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